Thursday, September 21, 2023


Was delighted to be asked to Voice Over a new series for Channel 5 - initially called 'Controversial' and now renamed 'That Was the Year that Was' - remind you of any other series?😀 The programmes look at whole years - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (and the funny) events which happened in specific years.  This Saturday it is 1976 into the archives of which we are delving

The VO script is written very much in the style of the VO for 'Come Dine with Me' (which I've always liked).  So now I've had an opportunity to show that I am more than 'just a newsreader' and have been immensely enjoying the recordings.

Knew we were to record  ten programmes but the Producers weren't sure whether they would go out sequentially or just be slotted in as and when there was a 2 hour slot needing filling.

Have only recorded six so far and we are having a short break. It's hard work for the Production team trawling through hundreds of hours of Archive material.  I think they are doing a smashing job. I haven't enjoyed myself so much for ages.

We expected a Transmission slot later in the year  but today I heard the first programme dealing with the year 1976 will be going out on Channel 5 this Saturday evening at 9.30 (24th September). It's a prime slot but we are up against fierce competition in the form of Rugby, Blankety Blank, It's a Knockout and Kylie Minogue.  I like to think that this early scheduling is because the programme is Good and not that we were needed to fill a 2 hour slot😀. 

What I personally remember of 1976 is that we had a huge heatwave and I was incarcerated in a studio in Bristol, wearing woollen knitwear, recording a series called 'Knitting Fashion'.  Even the make up artist - a personal friend Grisell Lindsay couldn't keep me cool.

So do please tune in. Saturday is a difficult evening for ratings and the channels fight hard.  So every little helps.

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