Monday, August 21, 2023


So proud of Jonathan.  He had the courage and determination to change careers 'mid life'.  Jonathan was never really happy working in Media/Advertising.  Three years ago he decided he wanted to work in Wine and started at the very beginning working in a Bottle Store (Off Licence) in Sydney, Australia.  He was already fairly knowledgeable about Wine but decided he would do the Wine Spirits and Educational Trust Diploma.  I paid for the course as his 40th Birthday present.

Jonathan soon began to advise customers in the Wine Shop and steadily increased his knowledge to the point that he secured a good position with Taylors Wines, Australia.  He held down a demanding job whilst studying very hard for his Diploma.  He passed a few months ago and the Graduation Ceremony was held recently.  Only wish I could have been there to see him receive his certificate. He is now Brand Marketing Manager for Taylors Wines.

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