Thursday, September 21, 2023


Am very behind on my Blogs but have actually been rather busy and hope to catch up next week.

However if I leave it till then, you will miss it.  I recorded an interview for BOOM RADIO some time ago and have just heard that it will be transmitted on Sunday 25th September at 9.30 pm .  It was a long interview covering many aspects of my long career and longevity.  The programme will, of necessity, be edited but I hope they keep in the story of my Search for RenĂ© Mouchotte and also the work of one of the Charities of which I am Patron - Animals SOS Sri Lanka.  Particularly hoping for exposure for the latter and that it might just engender some donations and perhaps a few listeners will sign up for a regular small monthly donation.  There is no posh HQ and is run by Founder and Director, Kim Cooking, working from her spare bedroom.  In Sri Lanka, they are looking after over 2,000 Street dogs and simply feeding them is a financial headache. Kim has a huge heart and never turns away a dog in need.

Either download the app, or go online here:

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