Monday, August 21, 2023


 Getting quite excited.  After a sixteen year project in my 'Searching for René' am finally coming to the end - sadly.

Sunday, 27th August marks the 80th Anniversary of the death of Cdt./Squ. Ldr. René Mouchotte and I've been able to organise a special service at the Biggin Hill Chapel to commemorate this honourable man. The service has been put together with great care by Vergers and the Chaplain.

The French Air Attaché   Col. Xavier Rival will be attending and giving the Eulogy and reading René's last Testament in French and English.  I will be reading a poem about the Memorial Chapel, written by Owen Leeming in 1959. We have a couple of lovely hymns and the service will be brought to an end with the singing of the Marseillaise.   There's also a page devoted to the creation of the original Chapel - a wooden hut on an Airfield - it is thought inspired by the death of Mouchotte.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Bromley have kindly indicated that they will attend the Service.

On Saturday, 26th August, again in the Chapel, I shall be giving my René Mouchotte Presentation including the BBC 2 Documentary transmitted in 2013.

If you live near Biggin Hill, why not come along.  Both the talk and the Service commence at 3.30 on the Saturday and the Sunday.

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