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My father was born in India and I have some Indian DNA. Family goes back to 1750.  Have always been drawn to things Indian and attended the very first concert given by Ravi Shankar in 1966 when he left India for the first time and performed at the Free Trad Hall in Manchester.  I had a contract as a Newsreader for Granada TV up there.

When in India in 2015 filming 'Real Marigold Hotel' treated myself to a stunning Royal Blue Sari. Despite her best efforts at teaching me, the lovely Sushma (owner of the Haveli in which we stayed) failed. When I returned home and tried to tie the sari, ended up with a load of material on the floor and an awful lot around my backside.  That sari has lain in a drawer since then.

I have a lovely designer friend, Linda Warren,  and one day asked if she would design a dress and jacket from the Sari which she has done. She also has a lovely seamstress - Shirley.  

This is what I collected today - only hope I have the courage to wear such a vibrant and eye catching colour. Got to find an event which justified it's wearing. The jacket of course is designed to be worn with other outfits.

Thrilled with my outfit and have now asked to have another made from the beautiful sari given to me by the Princess we interviewed.

I'll share their details with you in case you might require an outfit for a special occasion 

Linda Warren -

Shirley Ann designs Facebook 

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  1. Such a gorgeous colour. Is that the indigo blue? We’ve just been rewatching the Real Marigold episodes…2015, wow doesn’t time fly. Have you been back to India since then?


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